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Dawn Ng


Singaporean artist Dawn Ng deals with time, memory, and the ephemeral. For Avalanche, she crafted pigmented blocks of ice, then filmed them slowly melting away. Shot against a blank background, the blocks could be tiny or massive—she offers us no sense of scale.

Using time lapse, Ng compressed hours of real time into twenty-five minutes of screen time. But, even sped up, the effect remains meditative. Manipulating our sense of space and time, she fast tracks glacial decay while evoking calming waterfalls and collapsing ice shelves.

Portraying the fluidity of time as a 'riot of colours' that swell and ebb, forming rivers and pools, Ng turns entropy into eye candy. 

Artist Biography

Dawn Ng is a Singaporean artist, who works across sculpture, photography, light, film, collage, painting, and installation. Her practice explores time, memory, and the ephemeral. She has exhibited at the Musee d’art contemporain de Lyon, Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Paris Art Fair, Lille3000, Jeju Biennale, and Art SG. Her work is in the collection of the Singapore Art Museum, and she has been commissioned by the Hermès Foundation, ArtScience Museum, and the National Gallery Singapore.